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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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terrified. it was just no words for it. >> roofs torn off and dozens of homes destroyed. a tornado's path of destruction forces the partial closure of a major airport for a second day. >> there are now some eyes that never blink keeping watch over an oakland community center. why people paying for the cameras out of their own pockets. >> and this could be it. the san jose sharks are one win away from advancing in the stanley cup play-offs. we are live in san jose as fans gear up for tonight's face-off. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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good evening. clean-up is under way around st. louis, missouri tonight. more than 24 hours after a severe storm caused widespread damage. officials say it's a miracle no one was killed by the extreme weather, which destroyed dozens of homes and shut down the st. louis airport. the national weather service says the tornado that tore through the area packed winds of up to 165 miles an hour. it created a path of destruction a half mile wide and 30 miles long. >> lambert airport in st. louis remains partly closed tonight with only a few inbounds flights allowed to land. some of the outbound flights are expected to resume tomorrow morning. we have airport video that was just released today showing the moments when the storm hit. hundreds of people were inside at the time. the tornado shattered the windows and blew glass and
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debris throughout the building. several people were taken to the hospital. but no one was severely injured. >> good portion of the roof is absolutely gone. every window is out of that as well as extensive damage to a number of the actual restaurants and stuff and the concourse. >> the tornado did damage several jets on the ground. one jetliner was hit by a boarding ramp that was picked up by strong winds which sent it crashing into the side of the plane. the damage in st. louis caused just a couple of cancellations here in the bay area. at san francisco airport, two flights were cancelled, one coming and one going to st. louis. there were no problems reported at san jose airport and there are no direct flights from oakland to st. louis. security cameras are common at banks, stores and airports. well, now they have been installed in oakland's chinatown at a park. we have a report on how they did it without a dime from the city. >> reporter: two of the cameras are watching lincoln square
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park. they are a big relief to the thousands who use the park and rec center every day. >> reporter: hundreds of people came to lincoln square in oakland's chinatown today to celebrate the security camera project. >> here in chinatown, this community does such a great job of working on public safety. >> reporter: getting the cameras installed was not easy. an oakland police officer led the effort to raise $17,000 in donations because of such things as robberies, fights and even stranger danger. >> the elementary school use it for playground, charter schools and seniors who come to dance, play ping pong and they wanted a extra measure of security. >> reporter: it senior knows the crime problem well. she and her 82-year-old husband were nearly robbed here last year. >> the two young men with the hood saw them and tried to chase after them. perhaps they thought something valuable in the bag so they ran, ran, ran and ran up to a grocery store with many people inside. >> reporter: even youngsters in the park say it sometimes feels
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unsafe. >> like when lots of gangbangers come over here. >> reporter: hence, the 14 cameras. >> we have set in all the entrances here from the bus stop entrance to also inside entrances. >> the young people in the city are too precious for us just to say we can't do anything. and so we are just going to have to come up with ideas like this and, you know, just it costs some money and some people were able to chip in. >> reporter: quan plansen to list people to help fight crime and protect residents. back to you. the search continues in kings canyon national park for an 11-year-old boy from new jersey who disappeared 24 hours ago. the fresno county sheriff's department says the boy's father was helping other family members down onto a trail so they do get a better view of a creek. when he turned around, he says, the boy disappeared. search teams found some of the boy's clothing downstream today. the cities of san carlos and belmont share fire services.
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but that agreement is coming to an end and firefighters are worried about their future. the san carlos city council is set to decide on one of the options for fire services. create its own fire department, consolidate with redwood city's fire department, or contract with a private company. as it's the third option that has firefighters and some residents most nervous. >> we'll be sending you guys out in groups of twos. >> reporter: it involved planning and coordination. the firefighters here say what's at stake is their livelihood and public safety. >> scary because nobody knows what this company can do. >> reporter: the company's called wackenhut corporation. san carlos city council is considering a plan to hire it for fire services and disband their fire department. >> giving you a heads up what's happening to your local fire department. >> reporter: in response, firefighters spent the weekend handing out more than 8,000 flyers to san carlos residents. >> the community just isn't aware of what's going on. we feel that this is very rushed. >> reporter: these are the flyers firefighters are handing
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out. they talk about the privatization proposal and they ask anyone who opposes it to join them at a city council meeting monday night. san carlos mayor omar ahmad says the city has a $3.5 million budget deficit. >> there is an opportunity to bring in new ways to do things that can save money and provide great safety. >> reporter: the mayor says there is no reason a private company can't do the job. some san carlos residents weren't sure. >> i think our fire departments are still viable. >> reporter: another councilmember opposes the idea of having a private company do the work and says people in other cities should pay attention. >> if san carlos moves forward with this kind of proposal being privatization, then that could also spread to other cities. >> reporter: the five-member city council could make a decision monday night. in san carlos ktvu news >> welcome back en hut is based in florida and its danish
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company is called g4s. we tried to reach the company for the proposal about the city of san carlos but haven't heard back. according to the company website, wackenhut is involved primarily in security services. it has contracts with the federal government and some nuclear facilities and also owns and operates several private prisons. native americans are holding vigil for a ninth straight night in vallejo tonight on what they consider to be sacred burial grounds. activist revere the 15-acre site in glen cove. they are upset with plans to build a parking lot benches and toilets on the land. the greater vallejo recreation district had hoped to begin construction this spring but has been ordered to hold off while a federal mediator tries to resolve the dispute. activists are hopeful talks will continue next week. >> gbrd will be meeting with the department of justice on monday. we are hoping to know by monday night or tuesday morning whether or not they are willing to sit down and talk. >> the native groups say construction on the site could
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disturb areas containing human remains. and they say there are already adequate bathroom and parking facilities nearby. a big earth day event just wrapped up minutes ago in san francisco and it wasn't just about the annual music, dancing and celebrating the earth. people called for action on another serious issue on their minds this year. >> reporter: the sound of celebration at civic center plaza. from drums to dance to education to organic clothing, this is san francisco earth day festival 2011. >> we need a day to celebrate. >> i recycle and buy u.s.-made clothes. >> reporter: a very hot topic began to surface reinvolving arnold california earthquakes and nuclear power plants. >> it doesn't have to be an earthquake. it can be an attack. >> reporter: patty is president of the california chapter of the national organization for women.
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today the group called on the nuclear regulatory commission to us is spend all nuclear licensing -- to suspend all nuclear licensing until an independent analysis of the reactor disaster in japan is completed. california has two nuclear power plants, both located near fault lines. pg&e is currently seeking a 20- year license extension for its two reactors at its diablo canyon plant. the application is testing california's tolerance regarding nuclear power. >> the nuclear is an issue we don't need to go there. >> reporter: she knows about organizing. she cofounded what is now the united farm workers of america. >> think of alternative energy, think of trying to increase solar energy, you know, then i think that that will actually help us in the long run. >> reporter: and at this earth day festival if there was a theme throughout, it was respect. >> a clearer understanding of what the earth requires from us. >> reporter: us.
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studies will be continued on the nuclear power plant. "because we live in a seismic region, pg&e takes care in all of its operations especially at the diablo canyon to analyze and address seismic risk." a gathering in richmond celebrated green living and marijuana. the cannabis health and ecology fair at the crane way pavilion focused on using plant in clothing and building materials. they focused on the changing perceptions of marijuana in the media and the conflict between state and federal law. gearing up for a very big game. we are live in san jose as sharks fans wait to see if their men in teal will advance in the stanley cup play-offs. a change in power. what a big announcement today in yemen might mean for the leadership of the troubled country. >> some bay area youngsters get
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into the easter spirit. how cuteness was on parade today in oakland. mostly cloudy skies across a good portion of the bay area. coming up shower chances for your easter and the one direction temperatures are heading in the five-day forecast.
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tonight could be it for the san jose sharks. they are one game away from advancing to the san jose play- offs. debora villalon reports. >> reporter: the puck drops in an hour but they open early at 6:00 and people are streaming in giving them these white pompoms for the game tonight. they are going to get a workout. fans of course thrilled to have swept the kings that last to tames on their home ice putting
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the -- games on their home ice putting them up 3-1. tonight they can move on. the crowd is sold out. they pursuit the stanley cup for the 16th time in 20 years. for tonight the players will stick with the black jerseys. first time they have worn them in a play-off series. >> the guys like wearing the black sometimes so i think it's maybe gives a little more intimidating factor wearing all black but, you know, it seems to be working well. >> an all black shark. >> an all black shark, yeah. >> what do the players say about it? >> they like wearing the black. they feel more confident. it's the power of black. >> reporter: sharks merchandise, play-off-related, anything that says beat l.a. is flying off the racks. the team store just like the doors here opened minutes ago. on the streets it's a sea of teal. everyone very excited and confidence that they are going to clinch tonight on their home
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ice. we will of course be here with fan reaction at 10:00. reporting live in san jose, debora villalon, ktvu, channel 2news. the president of yemen will step down in exchange for immunity from prosecution. today's deal would have him turn over to his vice president who will then call for new elections. opposition leaders are concerned the president is trying to bu time. they have refused to call for an end to strikes and street demonstrations. [ chanting ] yemeni americans from throughout california gathered at u.n. plaza in san francisco today in support of the demonstrators in yemen. some of the activists we spoke with say that the president's resignation announcement is not enough. they insist he be tried for what they consider is despotic 33 year rule and call upon the
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u.s. to stop military aid to his regime. in other news of the world tonight... [ applause ] >> in syria government security forces opened fire on tens of thousands of people marching in a funeral processions. at least 120 people have been killed in the last two days during protests. the bloodshed prompted two syrian lawmakers and several religious leaders to resign in protest. demonstrators have been calling for the president of syria's resignation for the last month. and in thailand thai and cambodian troops exchanged artillery fire in the second day of border clashes over control of two temples. six cambodian and four thai troops have been killed. thousands of civilians have fled. the cambodian government accuses thailand of firing mortar shells with chemical gas something the thai government denies. in jerusalem thousands of christians from around the world converged on the church
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of the holy sepulcher built on the site of the crucifix and resurrection of jesus christ. the ceremony dates back thousands of years. donald trump has a spotty voting record. the new york city board of elections says trump hasn't voted in any primary elections in 21 years. the business mogul is considering running in a 2012 presidential election as a republican candidate. the election board says the last time trump voted in a primary election was back in 1989. the agency also says he skipped voting in the 2002 general election. trump says that is not true and that he has voted in every general election. wal-mart is using silicon valley to test an internet- based home delivery service for its products. the big box retailer has created a website where customers can order everything from groceries to batteries and
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diapers for delivery right to their doorsteps. the wal-mart to go service is only available in san jose. industry analysts say they are trying to compete with which expanded into the grocery delivery business in 2007. two mountain lion sightings near woodside in the past 24 hours. the first was reported at about 9:00 last night on skyline drive. the second was at 7:00 this morning near cedar lane. the department of fish & game has been notified of those sightings. little gray, cloudy, threatening-looking skies. let's check in with mark to see what's happening. >> no significant storms showing up in the forecast but we have the clouds in place and we have to talk about the possibility of a few showers as we head into easter. live on storm tracker not much in the way of radar activity. the bulk of the action to our east and north up along the north coast closer to eureka and crescent city. but we'll have more coverage to talk about as we head into your
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sunday. a live look outside we can show you looking out across the bay from our oakland camera near san francisco in the distance. currently 59 degrees and we could have a few drops falling from those clouds, not much as we take this into at least the forecast over the next 12 to 24 hours. so for tonight we have this, mostly cloudy skies for easter, mostly cloudy bringing the chance of a light shower or basically just a few sprinkles. and the extended forecast we do bring in more sunshine. temperatures warming up after another system. that will be for monday. for tomorrow morning, as you catch your sunrise at 6:23, mostly cloudy skies, some pockets of some drizzle out there especially coastside around the bay. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the 40s and 50s. we are 53 degrees in san jose, right around 51. here's our satellite we have all the clouds in place right now. there is another system developing to our north pretty weak but here's the eventual track. we take this into the second half of the weekend, close enough that we do center to bring in more clouds, more fog
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and some drizzle. chance of a light shower maybe just a few hundredths at the most if we get anything so it's not too generous with the rainfall coverage here. 6:00 tomorrow morning, a few spotty showers up there in sonoma county and parts of the east bay, as well. be and count on drizzle coastside first thing tomorrow morning. at noon we could have a pop-up sprinkle in san francisco down toward san mateo and also the san mateo county coastline. and then by 4 and 5:00, the showers move out, what little activity there and we'll have partly cloudy skies as we wrap up the day. here's the forecast tomorrow morning at 8:00. chance of a few sprinkles 48 to 53 degrees. by 12 p.m., 12:00 to 60. and then wrapping up the afternoon we'll have a few partly cloudy observations out there. and temperatures in the upper 50s to the low to mid-60s. temperatures not changing too much from today's highs. santa rosa 64 degrees. antioch 65. and some more neighborhoods with san jose 64, morgan hill
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mid-60s around 65 degrees. here's the look ahead. your five-day forecast, there is another rain cloud here especially as we head into monday morning. we could have some showers talking about first thing monday morning but jana and ken, look what happens beyond that. this is the forecast we finally have been waiting for. >> yeah! >> we have more sunshine and temperatures by tuesday and wednesday easily back up into the mid-70s so there is some hope in sight relief in sight. >> are you feeling tired? >> i am very tired. >> you both are amazing. doing the marathon. oh, my gosh. >> mark and i and 1,000 of our closest friends ran the half marathon in marin and we're tired. >> it's a great event and wonderful course. >> perfect weather for the race. >> thank you. families across the bay area celebrated a festive side of easter today. children with the lakeshore baptist church in oakland decorated easter bonnets and hats and had their pictures taken with the steers bunny. they then held an easter parade to the church to show off. part of the church's third
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annual spring children's fair. some oakland police officers partnered with preschoolkids at an annual easter egg hunt this morning. 100 families with preschoolchildren were invited to join in the fun. it's sponsored by the oakland black police officers association which nominates families to take part in easter, thanksgiving and christmas celebrations as part of the group's outreach to the community. and for other ways to celebrate easter and other events go to and click on the weekend extra tab. coming up, the giants take on the braves. did they get back on their winning track? sports is next. >> jake shields you may not have heard of him but he is a big name in the world of ultimate fighting. he is from the city and we'll tell you why there's a lot riding on his next big fight.
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one of san francisco's own is taking aim at an ultimate fighting championship. this is jake shields practicing yesterday in san francisco. shields is a single parent from the city and he is facing off against george st. pierre next saturday in toronto. st. pierre is one of the most successful ufc champions. >> . coming up at 10:00 we'll
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talk with shields about the upcoming fight and his chance to take home a championship belt. >> it was a battle of the times today. today's matchup between the giants and braves figured to be a good pitching duel. tim tim lincecum against tim hudson. cody ross up the middle. pat burrell no guarantee to score from second but he beats the throw. 1-0 san francisco. ross gets his first rbi of the season off the dl. braves tied the game way run in the 3rd. hudson had to work out of a jam in the fourth with two on and one out. hudson got eli white side to ground into his 6-4-3 inning ending double play. in addition to his six walks, martine prada was the undoing of lincecum. scored nate mccloud, braves 2- 1. prado drove in atlanta's first three runs and then in the 7th, braves got three to
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put it away. brian mccann with the single to score to runs. giants lose 5-2. the third straight loss puts them at 10- 10. san jose sharks tonight will try to end their first round stanley cup play-off series against the l.a. kings. sharks take a 3-1 lead into tonight's proceedings at ph pavilion. we'll have it at 10:00. washington and alex ovechkin in the same position today against the new york rangers. the caps already had a 1-0 lead after a period. then here in the second, ovechkin does a nice job of controlling the puck then backhanding it past henrik lundqvist. 2-0 washington. worse for rangers. johanssen with the beautiful pass to alexander semin. 3-0. caps win 3-1 to take the series in five games to move to round 2. san jose earthquakes hosting civas usa in afternoon. nice passing by the quakes,
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stevenson to the league's leading scorer. tied at one in the second half. braun turned back by john bush. quakes lose 3-1. at 1-3-2, they are second-to-last in the western conference. and it's the as against seattle again tonight. just under way. we'll have that all the rest of the day's sports tonight at 10:00 on sports wrap. see you then. >> thanks, joe. that's our report. i'm ken way. >> and i'm jana katsuyama. good night. >> caption colorado, llc
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